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PrayerCast for May

PrayerCast for May

10 minutes of praying for the people of God from the Word of God, including asking for more, guarding our words, standing firm in faith, and more prayers in the house of God.

Welcome to the PrayerCast for May

Our Prayer Themes

This time we touch on:

  • Getting more of God—The Father gives the Holy Spirit to those who ASK, He gives the good gift, when we ask Him for more.

  • Guarding our speech—help us watch over our words, and guard our heart from speaking words that cause us to stumble, but speak to edify.

  • Standing Firm in Faith—trusting, believing Your truth; to remain steadfast and not fall away to serve the gods of this world, the spirit of this age, drifting from the moorings of Your Word...be mature and fully assured in all your will.

  • More pray-ers, in the body of Christ—so needed and so ignored. Invade our hearts to call on you! Teach us to pray, not just how, but to actually do it!

You are invited to spend 10 minutes praying with us, and if you are using a browser, you will find a handy transcript to follow.

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If you are mature in prayer, but know of others this could help, please share. If really, truly helps increase the numbers of people who see this, and some of them could be encouraged to pray just like you do.


Thanks for listening,

Until Monday, grace and peace…

Image by Tep Ro from Pixabay

Epaphras Prays
Epaphras Prays Podcast
Short teachings on prayer and intercession and a few minutes of praying for the people of God from the Word of God