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The Lord Jesus modeled praying in front of His followers, told them to pray, taught them how - and promised to answer those prayers. The disciples came to Jesus and asked Him “Lord, teach us to pray.”

We are looking for people who ask that same question in our day - and who want to then actually pray! Here we help you pray at least 5 minutes a day for 30 days even if you get stuck after “Heavenly Father.”

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Table of Contents

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Prayer Helps

  1. A Time, A Place, A List

  2. The FACTS of Prayer

  3. How We FOCUS in Prayer

  4. CHURCH Prayers

  5. Problems in Prayer

Prayer Lists

  1. Five Prayers For the Church

  2. Seven Prayers For The Church

  3. More Bible Prayers For God’s People

  4. Five Prayers of Jesus for His Disciples

  5. Seven Prayers for our Spouse

  6. Seven Prayers for our Children

  7. Seven Prayers For Our Government

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