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Prayer Table of Contents

Retrieve Helps and Lists from older posts using these links:

Prayer Helps

  1. A Time, A Place, A List

  2. The FACTS of Prayer

  3. How We FOCUS in Prayer

  4. CHURCH Prayers

  5. Problems in Prayer

Prayer Lists

  1. Five Prayers For the Church

  2. Seven Prayers For The Church

  3. More Bible Prayers For God’s People

  4. Five Prayers of Jesus for His Disciples

  5. Seven Prayers for our Spouse

  6. Seven Prayers for our Children

  7. Seven Prayers For Our Government

  8. Calling on Him for the Saints

About Epaphras Prays

I started my journey into the prayer room in 1998, and I couldn’t even get through five minutes. Our church held prayer meetings three times every day for an hour each. I started go to some of those, heard how they prayed and began reading and studying what the Bible and other teachers said about intercession.

Since those early days, I’ve prayed in all kinds of prayer closets, in private, in public, with and in front of others. I started inviting others to join me, and began teaching them abut what I was doing.

That’s where the early material for this Newsletter came from. In the several years since, that material has grown as I learn more and more and pass that along.

Now I am fervent about prayer and seeing more of God’s people pray more.

I hope you’ll consider being one of them.

Grace and peace,


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Here we learn about prayer as Jesus taught, study classic and contemporary teaching, grow into steadfast praying, join others who ask: Lord, teach us to pray, and we actually pray for the People of God.


I pray because I have something to say to God, always striving for you in prayers that you may stand complete and fully assured in all the will of God. I write because I have something to say to you about praying to God.